A day with the big herdsman

It’s been a while since I have been able to go for a mountain day and recently the Scottish weather has been very… Scottish. This week though Ole and I decided to strike during the fleeting high pressure ridge and head for the Buachaille Etive Mor to climb some routes from bottom to top.


The Buachaille

The “Buachaille” is probably the most photographed mountain in Scotland and has an iconic place in Scottish mountaineering and climbing. There is something special for everyone on this mountain and I have never had a bad outing on it.

Our first route choice was the 3 star classic Hiccup (VS,5a) lower down on the mountain. I have been keen to do this for a while and it didn’t disappoint.

On the main pitch of Hiccup, VS,5a

Two contrasting pitches of interest in an amazing position. Great stuff. 


Ole in a great position on the second pitch of Hiccup, VS,5a
The top out of hiccup took us the the rim of D gully which we then skirted round and across Curved Ridge to reach the Rannoch wall.

Here we decided to go for Engineers Crack (E1,5b) which is unsurpringly, a crack route up the far right hand side of Rannoch wall. Ole lead the main pitch after I had hogged the main pitch (and a bit of the second!) on Hiccup.


Ole going steady on the main pitch of Engineers crack, E1,5b
This is a nice well protected climb on excellent rock, highly recommended. After this, we moved together to the crest of Crowberry Ridge then down Curved Ridge to finish feeling very satisfied.

Great to return to the mountains and even more satisfying this time to go home to my two little boys after a trip for the first time.


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