Trouble where you least expect it

Borrowdale from the belay after pitch 3 of Fool’s Paradise (VS,4c)

The spring into summer period has been a productive and enjoyable one for me. A good number of excellent starred routes ticked mainly in the Lakes and the Southern Highlands. 
Some notable routes I’ve really enjoyed recently include:

Catacomb (E1,5b) and Murrays Route Direct (VS,4c) at Dow Crag.


Looking back from the start of Catacomb (E1,5b) on Dow Crag
Raindrop and Jubilee grooves (E1,5b) at Black crag Borrowdale.

Sobrenada (VS,4c) at Eagle crag, grisdale.

Fool’s paradise (VS,4c) at Gowder crag.

Hanging around after the crux traverse of Fool’s paradise (VS,4c)

The Rut, The End (VS,5a) and Terminal Buttress (VS, 4c) at Polney crags 

Keith Falkingham on pitch 1 of The End (VS,5a) at Polney
For the past couple of weeks I have been staying close to base camp, training at TCA and working on projects at the local crags.
Today, I ventured over to Loudoun hill to shunt up some routes and practice Epitaph Variation (E2,5c) before trying to lead it at some point. On arrival I came across a climber who had fallen off Dee’s crack (HVS,5a) and taken a ground fall. Before long, the air ambulance, numerous paramedic teams and the MRT were at the crags to deal with the unfortunate climber in question.  

Air ambulance and emergency teams at Loudoun Hill
Serves to remind that climbing accidents can happen when you least expect them.


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